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A step in the right direction?


Eight-car fields in Pro Camaro! Just what I was hoping for, half as many Camaros racing.


Hmmm, still not fulfilling.


Fred Brown

Phenix City, Alabama



Pro Stock is irrelevant


Will big burnouts save Pro Stock? Inevitably no. Why? Because Pro Stock in totally irrelevant and basically one dimensional.


In reality Pro Stock cars don't represent what you buy from the show room. We don't see a lot of Camaros in Australia but what we do see look nothing like the sleek wind tunnel-formed cars running today. I wouldn't know a Dodge whatever if one ran over me and I can’t remember the last time Ford had a representative in the field. Oh how I wish I could buy a 500 cubed car from the factory.


The NHRA should scrap Pro Stock as we know it and start again. With what you ask? Maximum capacity of five liters, fuel injected, turbo/supercharged as long as it's available from the dealer. Tube framed chassis and Kevlar/carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies that must be as close as possible to a stock road going vehicle. Use weight breaks to create parity. Make a set of rules and stick with them.


Maybe this will be a little more familiar to the driving public and maybe just maybe it might encourage other manufacturers (read Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, et al.) to get involved. This could become a successful form of international drag racing if only someone had the will to do it.


Leigh Palmer




Make drag racing fun again


I have been attending NHRA (IHRA and AHRA) events since the tender age of 7 years. I celebrated my 64th birthday a few days back. I have my tickets in hand for this weekend's race in STL. My point being: I AM A FAN. That being said, any fan can plainly see NHRA's problems stem from the fact that NHRA's management types are NOT fans. They are only businessmen, and poor businessmen at that. Pro Stock?? Blah. Nearly as boring as Pro Stock Truck of yore. FIX IT! Forget politics, stop being so politically correct and bring a good show from start to finish. And for God's sake, lower the prices!


Kenny Nowling charged NO ADMISSION to races in the past, filled the stands and caused three highway traffic jams getting into the track. Every race. And he put on a great show. Nearly circus quality. HE MADE IT FUN.


FIX: Professional Top Fuel, Entry Level Top Fuel (Limit on Nitro), Professional Funny Car, Nostalgia Funny Car, Fuel Altereds, Outlaw Pro Mod, 10.5 Pro Mod, Jet Exhibition -- I'd go to that!


Mike Paiguta

St. Louis, Missouri



Just not exciting enough?


Jeff, I read with interest your August Blast and cannot agree with you more about the FS1 race day coverage. Yes, the one-hour shows are concise, to the point and get the job done. Much like Diamond P and IHRA shows of the past..."Live" doesn't matter to me and never really has for me with drag racing. I still get goosebumps when I think about the WWOS segments I used to wait months for and then absorbed every sweet second. I think the NHRA and Fox should stop trying to create a variety show and once again (perhaps it's futile since the world is supposed to end today!) make drag racing a visual and sensory spectacle...as it is, I never make it through the race day show awake.


I grew up (as many of us) during the day of the seat of the pants, hundreds of fuel cars on the property, heydays of drag racing. Being in Tulsa, we had the World Finals, National Challenge, Budweiser Spring Nationals and such for many years. Now we have a gem of a track, still here and yet I find myself barely interested in attending. One of my all-time favorites is in the house this weekend, Mendy Fry, (you thought I meant you...admit it!) and the car count even looks decent this year at the NN....so why?


I suppose I just find today's nitro racing; nostalgia or Pro, somewhat sterile, predictable and 'safe'....I never wish for harm of the drivers but I remember the days when they did about ANYTHING to get down the strip and win, often with some spectacular results, plus every part of the race, even down to the announcer, kept you on the edge of your seat...you spoke of all the milestones that have been surpassed and they attendance on the decline...perhaps now, for me, my peak happened many years ago and what is there now is simply a vague reminder of a time that you had to have been there to know...


Best Regards,

Matt Arbuckle



A couple of ideas for NHRA


Here's an idea or two for the NHRA to promote a bit of interest. One I had mentioned before, that being, why not have one "travelling event". Member tracks, that do not already have a National Event, could not possibly host a yearly National event, but could manage one in a given year.. that have the qualifications to host a National Event, be given that opportunity. I'm sure as a "one of" it could prove to be very successful. (and don't count out one at a Canadian Track).


And secondly... On the current event trail, there are a few tracks that may to be capable of safely hosting full 1/4 mile passes for the current 1000' cars. For us "old schoolers", we've not been happy since the 1000 ft. rule was instituted. This, in part, may satisfy that 1/4 mile "itch". Just sayin.. gotta try something new, and if possible, a little bit of something old to peak interest.


Jim Millard

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada (formerly from Toronto)




Guess we can’t make everybody happy


You changed the main page again! Before I could scroll across the top ( start-columns- etc..) and see dates of latest updates. now I have to go to each page/section. Please rethink this update.


Larry Clayton

Las Vegas


Larry, we changed it because several readers said the Table of Contents was too busy and hard for them to find things. Glass half empty or glass half full? -- Editor




Smoky burnouts excite the crowd


Jeff, It isn’t every day I agree with you on things 100% with enthusiasm but on this subject, you’re right on. I had the pleasure of being at Indy and it was thrilling to watch the guys (and gal) that participated in the contest.


Overall, due to the tires burnouts as a whole suck these days, both with nitro and alky cars. These guys looked like the funny cars of the sixties making smoke so thick it looked like you’d bounce off it if you tried to walk through it! I loved hearing the fan’s reactions to the cars coming up the return road.


I don’t know if this alone could save this class but it just might, and I really hope they keep this up and find a way to grow it. More than anything else, because I had FUN watching!!


William Horton

Meriden, CT




Smoky burnouts too costly for Pro Stock teams


Smoky burnouts will not save the NHRA's P/S class - if it actually needs saving. Smoky burnouts and engine explosions appeal to those who know little about drag racing. For the casual race fan, everything pales in comparison to T/F and F/C. That is why casual race fans head for the pits to check out the T/F and F/Cs when the P/S cars are racing.


The reason most P/S teams do not desire to do long smoky burnouts is because it overheats the tires and risks damaging an engine that cost over $100,000. When winning P/S at an NHRA national event results in a $20,000 loss for the weekend if a team doesn't suffer any mechanical issues, it should be obvious why the teams are careful not to damage their equipment.


Jorge Meister

New York City 


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