Dead on

Maybe This will help the Pro Stocks


Jok Nicholson usually talks about bracket and sportsman racing, but the recent announcement from NHRA about the Pro Stock class got him just a bit ‘up on the tires.’


Loosen up the rules a bit. Give the Mopars 500 more RPM to compensate for what their head castings can't make up. If they get too fast, throw 50 lbs on them. This isn't rocket science.


Now for the racers: get off your ass and get out and spend time with the people who like your class -- the gearheads, the other racers, the street machine guys. It is not the same people who like watery eyes standing around the Top Fuel pits during warmups.


To me it is the same people who also like Pro Stock Bike, simply because you have to MAKE everything yourself to go fast. Fuel teams simply fire up the CNC and make more of the same and hope they made enough.


Look, I like all of drag racing but this "professional end" of the sport has gotten way too BORING! Same team owners win every week due to deep pockets to do the R&D.


How about do qualifying and adjust the weight of the cars 10 lbs per 1/100th? If they sand bag it and go too fast, add more weight.


It’s not a great solution but what they have now are three millionaires and a bunch of wannabees wearing out checkbooks -- and nobody finds it interesting enough to watch. MAKE IT A SHOW, not a financial show of power.


How about no wheelie bar adjustments after the burnout, no crewman backing them up, no Pro-Tree. Let’s see who can really drive and take it off the bottom bulb.


Sorry, got carried away there. No blinders on the helmets; shock absorbers are handed out to each team in tech to eliminate $5,000 shocks, etc.


I will miss Pro-Stock, but without major changes "put a fork in it.” 


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