Troy Coughlin to retire from pro racing

Just a month after clinching his third Pro Mod world championship, Troy Coughlin has announced his retirement from racing in the professional ranks.


A national event winner in three different eliminators -- Pro Mod, Pro Stock and Super Gas, Coughlin has left the door open to racing in the Sportsman ranks in the future but says his primary focus will now be on his family and the continued growth of JEGS Automotive, the high-performance mail order parts giant he co-owns with his three brothers.


"I've been thinking about this for a while now and I'm certain I'm making the right choice," Coughlin said. "I remember years ago when my dad (Jeg Coughlin Sr.) told us he was going to quit driving and we begged him not to because we loved racing with him so much. He simply said, 'Some day you'll understand.' Now I do.


Aside from his success in the J&A Service Pro Mod Drag Racing Series, Coughlin has excelled in the NMCA, where he was the Pro Street champion in 2009, and high-dollar bracket races like the Street Car Supernationals, where he won the Outlaw Pro Mod trophy in 2012, 2013 and 2015.


In Pro Stock, Coughlin won three times between 2001-2003, including the $50,000 Winston "No Bull" Showdown, which at the time featured the largest single payout in Pro Stock history.


"We put together a great racing resume and now I'm excited about moving forward, spending a bunch of time with my family," Coughlin said. "With T.J. and Paige racing, that'll keep me involved in the sport, which is very cool. I'll just leave the driving to them.


"We also have a new CEO at JEGS, Jeff Hennion, and I'm eager to spend more time with him and my brothers as we take the company forward. As thankful as I am for everything that's happened up until now, I'm equally excited about what the future holds.”   

And now for the rest of the PDRA story

Jose Gonzales 


On Tuesday we told you about Travis and Braydon Davis taking the PDRA Pro Extreme Motorcycle and Top Jr. Dragster championships, respectively.


The other 2017 PDRA (www.pdra660.com) champions are: Mike Recchia (Pro Extreme); Jose Gonzales (Pro Boost); Tommy Franklin (Pro Nitrous); Cary Goforth (Extreme Pro Stock); Dillon Voss (Pro 632); Dwayne Silance (Elite Top Sportsman); Mark Malcuit (Top Sportsman 32); Matt Cooke (Top Dragster); and Amber Franklin (Pro Jr. Dragster)  

PDRA champ Goforth unsure about next season

Mountain Motor Pro Stocks have been nomadic for the better part of a decade, switching from one organization to another and even starting their own, but now the class has found a home with the PDRA. With a singular series focus and a full tour to run in 2017, the class regained strength and solidarity this season.


“The [Pro Stock] program is all back in the same group again with the PDRA,” Goforth emphasized. “We had 18 cars at Richmond. We're all one big group again, which is what I think we should always strive to be. The class is gaining strength.


“I'm happy there [at the PDRA]. I want the PDRA to know we're truly grateful. When Jason Scruggs told us we could come back if it didn't work out with IHRA, I thought that was a pretty bold and humble statement, even if you're made of solid gold. This is good racing. Even if a quarter-mile sanction came back and had a lot of opportunity, I just don't think I'd go for it. You're going to have a hard time dragging me away from this [PDRA] deal. I think most people in the class are of the same thought from what I'm gathering. We [Pro Stock racers] may not always get along, but it's kinda like my brother. You better not say anything bad about him, but by God I can say whatever I want. We're still a family. We don't always get along, but we're always there for each other.


“We've had our differences, but we're back to being more of a family again and I could go for some of that. I've been in the middle of some of these deals and I'm not saying I was right in every situation. I'm not saying I was wrong in every situation. We owe the PDRA more than words can say. I want them to know how grateful I am. This is where we need to be. That Richmond event - the atmosphere was really good there. There was a lot of cars. There were fans. The motorhomes were three deep across. The atmosphere was just awesome. That's the thing I love about racing. You just felt something there.”


While the future is bright and certain for Extreme Pro Stock, Goforth’s own future isn’t quite as clear. After partnering with Higgins Trucking this season for a one-year deal and selling off the car and trailer, Goforth isn’t sure their family-owned Dean’s Casing Service will be in a position to jumpstart the program again.


“We really don't know what next year is going to look like, but we're going to try our best to be out here,” Goforth explained. “Things are probably as good as they were for a lot of years. I realize that. My dad is not too prideful enough to know that to do this he either needs to have a partner or he needs to scale down or completely do away with it. We've got some thinking to do, some adjusting to do. We sold the car to Dwayne and Debbie Higgins. If it wasn't for them we'd have been on the sidelines this year. It's not a split or anybody fighting or anything like that. They wanted to go a year and they experienced that. I think they want to focus on business. There may be a possibility we could buy the car back. Tomorrow's a new day, so we're just going to keep fighting, clawing and scratching and hopefully get back out there.


“The competition is getting so good right now I don't want to miss out on next year. There's some good things coming with everybody and that's what Pro Stock is all about - good, close, tight racing, competition and points battles.”    

Summit renews support of ANDRA

The Australian National Drag Racing Association and Summit Racing Equipment have announced a multi-year renewal of their relationship. Summit Racing Equipment will extend their sponsorship of the ANDRA’s Sportsman Series.


“Like they have done for the past three years, sportsman racers will continue to receive end of year payouts of tens of thousands of dollars in recognition of their championship efforts from us,” said Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports and Events Manager, Jim Greenleaf. “At the same time, they will continue to benefit from exclusive discount pricing by qualifying as a Summit Racing Pro Shop member.


“In the near future, we will also introduce new giveaways to racers with new items in the pipeline as we continue to look for new ways to support our racers in Australia.”


As a Summit Racing Pro Shop member, ANDRA racers qualify for exclusive discount pricing and are also granted the same access as their US counterparts to expert tech advice, plus fast and easy special ordering on those hard-to-find parts. For more information or to become a Summit Racing Pro Shop member, visit here.   

Santa Pod 2018 drag racing season begins in February

Ivan Sansom caught this spectacular view of a storm heading for the track at the 2017 European Finals. You can be sure that DRO European correspondents Sansom and Rose Hughes will bring you great coverage of all the big 2018 races at Santa Pod and throughout Europe.


England’s Santa Pod Raceway has released their 2018 schedule of events. A couple of drifting events will run in January, but drag racing will get under way in February with a Run What Ya Brung race.


Highlights of the season include the annual Festival of Power on March 30-April 1, the Nostalgia Nationals on May 12-13, the Main Event on May 25-28, the European Finals on Sept. 6-9, and much, much more.


See the entire schedule here

Original NHRA division director Ed Eaton passes away

Ed Eaton (left) with NHRA founder Wally Park. Ed Eaton, one of NHRA’s original division directors, died on Nov. 27 at age 88.


Eaton was chosen by NHRA founder Wally Parks to be the Northeast regional director and in 1959 was promoted to National Competition Director. Among his accomplishments while with NHRA was his convincing ABC Sports to cover the 1960 NHRA Nationals in Detroit on the Wide World of Sports program, and working with timing-system specialist Ollie Riley and Div. 1 Director Lou Bond, who owned the Dragtronics timing business, to create the “Christmas Tree” starting system, replacing flag starters.


Eaton is survived by Emmalee, his wife of 44 years, sons Ed Jr., Mark and Christopher, and three granddaughters. 

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