[ 08/27/11 9:31 PM ]

Semi-final AA/FC Notes

After the semi-final round that saw Texan John Hale run his personal best and the DRO all-time best speed and ET with a statement making 5.673/251.72 to defeat arch-rival Paul Romine’s who ran a losing 5.792/246.17. In that race Romine re-set the DRO ET record at 5.792. The new DRO speed record is Hale’s at 251.72. With both men gaining 30 bonus points for the records the DRO AA/FC Challenge points race is extremely tight. In fact it is so close that Challenge Series Director Jeff Burk is going to recheck the math from all four races before declaring a winner although a quick tote seems to indicate that Romine has indeed won his third consecutive DRO Series title.

Unfortunately there will be a single into the final round for the DRO AA/FC Challenge as Anthony Bronge in running a career best speed and ET, 5.823/243.02, broke a rod and couldn’t replace the engine in time.  Thrashing of Doc Halladay, who shook the tires and slowed to a 7.321/140.80. Hale will single for the World Series Title.

[ 08/27/11 9:30 PM ]

Corda and Beale will race to determine the Victory Performance Products Championship

Al Corda and his Mopar and Dan Beale and his Pontiac came into this race tied in points for the Nostalgia Super Stock Title. Both men went to the semi-finals and both lost the

Freese brothers. So circuit director Chris /Schneider decided that the two men would race for the Championship by running each other in a special race while the Freese brothers would race for the World Series of Drag Racing title and third and fourth in points.

[ 08/27/11 4:12 PM ]

More Notes from the World Series of Drag Racing

This race which will determine the 2011 DRO AA/C champion could be decided by re-setting the Series Records. If Hale were to re-set both the Speed and ET record and get that extra 60 points it could determine the Championship.

Speaking of Championships the Victory Race Car parts Championship could be decided by a bye run. There are 31 Super Stockers entered and because of the un-even number of cars. The bye run goes to the raeer with the est reaction time and /al Corda’s .005 light If his racer he is tied nine points with loses in the first round then Corda’s bye would make him the winner.

[ 08/27/11 3:23 PM ]

AA/FC Notes after last round of AA/FC

Texasracers John Hale and Ronnie Young drove their AA/FC’s to the quickest and fastest laps in the DRO AA/FC Challenge presented by Mickey Thompson Tire, Victory Performance parts and the Comp Cams Companies.

Hale who has gone as quick as 5.69 in NHRA legal trim stunned the crowd with a stellar 5.777/249.44  fellow Texas racer Ronnie Young in the Dale Emory tuned Blue Max the ran a equally impressive 5,824/245.82 Either driver could re-set the DRO ET record and Hake could get both ends.

Brian Stewart joined his teammate Doc Halladay in the fives with a career best speed and ET with a 5.970/232.35. Anthony Bronge who is also tuned by Jerry Newman ran a 5.948/236.75

We should be in the lanes at around 4:00 PM for the first round of eliminations.