Team and Driver The Tipsy One Sayeth Odds
John Hale - Mike Burkhart Tribute Camaro, Texas    Dominated the Mickey Thompson Tires DRO AA/FC Challenge series for the last year. Defending champ in no mood to yield to other series hitters. Doesn’t always qualify well but once he is in the field he’s proven tough to beat. Capable of monster laps. 1-1
Chad Head - Head Racing Firebird, Indiana     This driver and team have proved they can win anywhere. Won the March Meet this year. Also showed well at Maple Grove. Has all the parts, crew and performance. Rapidly improving rookie only lacks laps on this tricky track to be favorite. 2-1 
Peter Gallen - ‘Poverty Stricken’ Vega, Pennsylvania    Two-time IHRA World Champ is pre-entered. This car and driver are the real deal and Gallen is anxious to show IHRA AA/FC are for real. If he shows, he will be a factor. 3-2
John “Bodie” Smith – ‘Texas Jungle’ Camaro, Florida    Texas-based AA/FC is part of Henry Gutierrez’s two-car team. Has run 5.70’s with this seasoned driver. Tuner Paul Smith is an absolute wizard at getting nitro cars down any track and knows how to make power. 3-1
Mike Savage - Candies & Hughes ‘Cajun Cuda’, Arizona Owner/tuner Jim Broome’s car is competitive everywhere it races. Team has one DRO series win. 7-2
Anthony Bronge – ‘Punisher’ Camaro, Illinois    Bronge drives like Bucky Austin or Frank Manzo -- no mercy! One of veteran tuner Jerry Newman’s “kids” Bronge currently is quickest and fastest of that group. Won’t spare the parts here, wants to win baaaad! Newman won this race recently with Doc Halladay. If Newman can get car into 5.70s, look out! 4-1
Del Worsham - Worsham Racing Arrow, California     Great driver, best parts, knows these tracks. If team comes with race faces on and not the nitro margarita mixer, will be a factor. 9-2
Brian Stewart – ‘Bear Town Shaker’ Mustang, Minnesota    Another one of tuner Jerry Newman’s “kids”. Ex-Pro Stock shoe drives the wheels off the car. Has a lot of Paul Romine’s engine and drive train parts to work with this year. 7-1
Shawn Bowen – ‘Violator’ Firebird, Wisconsin    Back after a year off, team has reloaded trailer with parts. Car can run 5s and Bowen one of the absolute best in the series on the tree. Will have to find a tune-up that won’t burn up parts. 8-1
Mike Lewis – ‘Brand X’ Mustang, Indiana Part of two-car Texas-based Gutierrez team. Lewis has plenty experience driving on this track. Smith tunes this car too. If there are enough crew and parts for both cars it could happen. 9-1
Brad Thompson – ‘Wheels Vintiques’ Nova, California Mike Stalling’s Nova has been parked recently so needs to find some lightning in a bottle. Has run as quick as 5.775. 10-1
Greg Jacobsmeyer – ‘All Star’ Dodge, Missouri     Brand new car this year runs 5s with ease. Has a couple of IHRA wins this year and a couple of DRO series wins in past, but this series has become a very tough place to win. Ultra consistent, won’t beat himself but won’t kill parts to win. 11-1
Marc White – ‘Flashback’ Pontiac, Missouri Former career NHRA alky racer has Fred Mandoline tuning and that’s a bonus. Still shaking car down but if Mandoline gets it right, look out! 12-1
Joe Haas – ‘Crop Duster’ Mopar, Illinois    Sole Donovan-powered car in field. Combo dominant in N/TF, but team burned AA/FC engine up racing as fuel altered last weekend. Will need a lot of things to go right for first World Series win. 13-1
Barrie ‘Bazz’ Young – ‘Down-Under Thunder’ Camaro, Australia    Aussie ex-pat just glad to be here. Another car tuned by Jerry Newman. Solid 6-teen car. If tuner and driver can’t find the 5s then Bob’s your uncle. 14-1
‘Rapid’ Randy Baker – ‘Sin City’ Corvette, Iowa Has 5-second enthusiasm and a 6-second budget. “Spares? We don’t need no stinkin’ spares!” 25-1


The Tipsy One was found sleeping in the Phlegm Building basement surrounded by a stunning array of empty Old Style cans and bottles of some evil grape-based concoction that had the words “Night Train” on the label. His pillow was a pile of empty White Castle 'slyder' boxes.

Clutched in his hands was a mayo-stained napkin with the words “Tipsy Trickster” scrawled on it in crayon. Safety-pinned to his shirt were a $20 bill and a one-way ticket on the “hound” to Cordova, Ill.

And remember, this is all just for fun!