NHRA Houston

All right, players! The time has come for some Texas two-steppin'! And seeing as how the NHRA tour has reached its stop in Houston, the Tipsy Trickster assures y'all it will be some quick steppin', indeed! You see, it has to do with the track surface, the air quality, the altitude (the place is virtually below sea level!), and all sorts of scientific mumbo jumbo that frankly confuses the old Trickster. Maybe it was last week's boilermakers. But no matter. Houston is a great place to see and make a side bet or two on your fave hot shoe. Unless it rains. Then you better find a boat!


Larry Dixon Jr Showed enough in offbeat format to rate the pick. Somebody has to beat Worsham. Or not?! 2 to 1
Del Worsham Hard to go against, has all the ingredients. But he can't win them all. Can he?!  5 to 2
Antron Brown Looking more like a solid contender.If not for top rwo, might be THE man.  7 to 2
Doug Kalitta Despite slip up in prelim round, has the goods to make a go towards top ranks. Value play, as always. 9 to 2
Tony Schumacher Having his troubles right now. Can't stay on top forever, but top-flight operation will leave no stone unturned. 5 to 1
Spencer Massey Not ready to elevate off good showing in trick format, but is showing signs of progress. Decent longshot. 6 to 1
Shawn Langdon Same deal as Massey. Out of trick bag, back into regular frying pan. Needs to keep up the good works. 7 to 1
Brandon Bernstein Will regard last outing as glitch, nothing more. Wager on BB could yield stacks! 8 to 1
Morgan Lucas Team has all the tools, driver just needs a break. 10 to 1
Steve Torrance Kilgore, Texas, racer has shown he can run with the best. Has the parts, desire and can drive. Sentimental long shot. 15 to 1
Robert Hight Fell victim to dreaded anti-Force lane. The pick to post a Force-full rebound win. 9 to 5
Jack Beckman Win a boost to team, regardless of format. Now must prove it wasn't a one-off.  5 to 2
Mike Neff Result was symptomatic of bad weekend for JFR. Doing good job for great team. 7 to 2
Robert Tasca III Jumps right back into picture after pedestrian start. Favorite Ford son now must prove he can repeat. 9 to 2
Cruz Pedregon Willing to forgive bad outcome, given the nature of four-wide frenzy. Must guard against early season slide. 5 to 1
Matt Hagan Showed signs of rebound from early woes.Might be a live long shot.  6 to 1
John Force Don't let this guy get any momentum. If not for lane, might have been four-wide King. 8 to 1
Johnny Gray One of many who may not have handled format. Too early to dismiss this deep pockets good guy contender.  10 to 1
Ron Capps New tuner(s) in a tough spot right off the bat. May take a race or two to right the ship.  12 to 1
Jim Head Based on his past history alone this racer is due to win one. Houston could be the place. 15 to 1
Greg Anderson Just too tough, on most any weekend, name the game! A monster in an otherwise ultra-competitive eliminator.  6 to 5
Greg Stanfield Must at times wonder why he chose Pro Stock. Doomed to be the "other Greg?" 5 to 2
Jason Line Despite misstep last out, just as tough as the boss. If one stumbles, the other is right there ready to strike. 7 to 2
Vincent Nobile 2011 feel-good story so far. Great family operation, great story. Now needs a win to cement storybook season. 9 to 2
Mike Edwards Great racer, supports some great causes. Would be no surprise, save for domination of Anderson/Line combo.  5 to 1
Erica Enders Still going rounds, just not enough of them. Too early to call her a Danica, will post a win at some point. 7 to 1
Ron Krisher Seems mired just below top tier. Has tools and experience to get back on top.  8 to 1
THE FIELD Pick a name, any name not shown above. Would be no surprise, given the nature of NHRA Pro Stock racing.  9 to 2
Mike Castellana Lots of sun and 90-degree temps favor the nitrous racers. Driver just won an ADRL race but that was 1/8th mile. 9 to 5
Rickie Smith One of the best ever with a clutch in doorslammer racing. Still a "killer" driver with plenty of power. 5 to 2
Khalid Balooshi Another Al-Anabi hitter with David Reher power could easily cash here 6 to 2
Roger Burgess Turbocharged car with the most power. Under-rated driver. Heat wil be traction factor for these cars 9 to 2
Brad Personette Has been working on the bosses turbo-car but may be ready to return to 2010 form nere 5 to 1
Danny Rowe Probably the best of the blowers. Early season success but will need best here. 6  to 1
Raymond Commisso Superchared entry has plenty of the best parts and Bob Newberry wrenching. Driver is the key here. 7 to 1
Jay Payne  May be the best pure driver in the field. Gets everything out of car it has.  8 to 1