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You can have two separate pre-programmed (by you) timing profiles in the box at one time. Let’s say you are in the staging lanes and someone ahead of you oils your lane. Flip the switch on the dash from profile 1 to a softer profile 2 and go for it. You could even have a left lane, right lane profile. The profiles can be also saved to a file for future use. For those of you who do not normally need a progressive controller, this could be handy when you run into a bad lane or the dew comes in making the track slick. Flip from program 1, which would be set up as an instant-on profile, to program 2 which softens your nitrous hit.
The progressive time is accumulative. If you have to pedal the car the progressive shuts off, but when you step back on the gas it remembers where you were in the time line and picks up where you left off. In a tight race you probably have lost anyway, but at least now you have a shot if the other racer is having problems also. Other types of progressives reset and start over from the beginning, which leaves you with no chance.
There are six timer outputs and four of these stages can either be pulsed or serve as a simple ON timer. Why progress two or more stages? Nitrous produces a serious torque spike and this unsettles the suspension. So, you progress the second or more stages just enough to soften the hit and spread the torque out a little bit. Don’t overlook the possibility of controlling staged dry systems also.
The fifth one is time ON only when all the other stages are used in progressive mode. This can be used as a “1000 foot” ignition change or whatever you can dream up. It can be turned at any point in the time line you choose.
The default on the sixth timer is set as a trans brake lockout. This feature will not allow the trans brake to be activated after leaving the line according to a time frame you set. Some cars have too many buttons controlling things and in some layouts it is possible to hit the wrong button and activate the trans brake, breaking the transmission or worse. If you have no need for this feature it can be used as an ON timer for whatever you please.
In a “Super Stage” configuration you can set up the nitrous solenoids and fuel solenoids on separate timers. This is handy if you prefer to stagger the ON time of either type of solenoid. You can control one or two stages in the progressive mode and one instant ON or three stages in an instant ON mode.
The purge valve can be tied to the reset button. The reset button clears the timers to start from the beginning. This is a neat way not to mess up your race procedures before staging the car. Purge and reset in one click!
The controller does a self diagnostic every time it is turned on and then continually monitors itself and will shut the nitrous down if the programming or electrical goes berserk.
It's small and lightweight.
You don’t have to run nitrous to make use of this tool. You can use this as an all-in-one timer box to activate any item you desire.

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