A "No-foolin'" Fuel Filter

Barry Grant introduces a new "dry-break" fuel filter that
eliminates spilled fuel when cleaning the filter.

ater seeks its own level, and that golden rule of physics can often mean spillage of racing gasoline or alcohol when one applies it to the annual rite of wintertime fuel filter cleaning on a bracket or "Super/Rod" racecar.

How many times has it happened to you? You disconnect your fuel lines from the fuel cell to get to your inline fuel filter only to discover that the fuel comes pouring out at a terrific rate, splashing all over you and quickly filling up what container you have to contain it all. We know of one racer/friend of ours who did that just when at the same moment the hot water heater clicked on in his garage, sending an electrical charge to the open container and burning up his racecar and half the house.

Barry Grant fuel assembly technician Rodney Miller shows us the new Dry-break Fuel Filter from the Barry Grant catalog. Part of the filter can be found in the makeup of the BG Euduro fuel pump, and Grant himself designed the filter using part of his continuous-use fuel pump.

Now comes a remedy for spilled fuel from an open fuel line to the fuel filter, in the form of a "dry-break" fuel filter from Barry Grant. It's called just that, the BG Dry Break fuel filter, part number 170055, and it is designed for any application --- street, drag racing, circle track --- plus any type fuel, gasoline or alcohol. It allows the user to clean the fuel filter without losing a whole bunch of fuel from the gas tank or fuel cell, all while the fuel filter is still mounted on the car.

The beauty of this fuel filter is that it can be mounted anywhere and everywhere --- upside down, straight up or even directly to the fuel cell. All that's needed to connect the two is the proper dash 10 male/male adapter. Check with your local speed shop or racing parts cataloger for the right fittings needed to complete the plumbing and mounting job.

And it can be mounted in any way, straight or upside down. It can even, with the proper AN and NPT adapters, be mounted directly to your fuel cell or gas tank... which is the way we'll mount ours to our new Fabrication Concepts (Douglasville, GA, telephone 678-618-9545) built front-engine dragster.
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The "dry-break" fuel filter is actually the birth child of another Barry Grant product, the continuous-duty Enduro or Sumo fuel pump that the company makes for street users who need a continuous flow of fuel for their street-driven or long- use competition race cars. This fuel pump can feed an engine of up to 2,200 horsepower that is fueled either by a BG King Demon or any high-horsepower EFI system.

It was Barry Grant's own idea that led from the Enduro fuel pump to the "dry- break" fuel filter.

"The pump has a 'dry break' built into the bottom or the entry port of the pump itself," Grant said. "We took the idea of the 'dry break' bottom of the pump and 'evolved' it for use with the filtration and maintenance needed on any fuel system." He particularly had bracket dragster racers in mind when he came up with the product.

"We found that they need all the space they can get out of a confined area on a dragster," Grant said. "We also found out that they were burning up their fuel pumps because they didn't have a filter in-line with their fuel system. They would call us and say their cars weren't performing right, and we found out that some didn't even have a fuel filter on their racecars. So we felt there was a need."

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