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How much horsepower is considered safe for a stock planatary gearset in a 1.76 powerglide?  I run a 3220# 65 Nova with 4.30 gears and 32" tires.



The original 1.76 powerglide planetary gear was only designed for 400 or so horsepower. So keeping that in mind, we have had 3300 – 3400 lbs cars go in the 8.50s – 8.60s with stock 1.76 planetaries. What we have learned is that some sets are better then others; it’s like some batches had better steel or better heat treat, I am not sure. What I do know is when you reach a certain point, the stock OEM 1.76 is a time bomb. The question is not if it will break, it is how long till it breaks! The answer is anything beyond about 800 – 900 HP we need an aftermarket gear set. A set with big straight cut teeth and a forged output shaft carrier. Don’t buy the cheapest set you can find. The cheaper ones will pit and wear out way too soon. Buy a high quality set and you will be glad you did.


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