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Hello Mike,

I have 727 trans with Turbo action Manual Valve body. I have checked the trans psi in 3rd gear @ 1800 rpm and it is only 60 psi. Turbo action recommended is 110+/-5psi. I have checked the valve body spring setting and it measures 1 3/16". At this time, I have just fired the engine and then worked my way to checking the trans psi. I had never checked the pressure before and I have prepared my own transmissions before. Can you make any suggestions? This is used for drag racing only.

Thanks for your time. 

Mark Lepole
Cleveland, Ohio

Mark, Looks like you have a leak, pressure leak inside the pump or valve body area. Your pressure gauge should be hooked up to the 1/8 pipe tap in the center plug in the passenger side of the transmission If pressure is low, either we have a regulator problem in the valve area, or too much clearance in the pump.


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