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I'm looking to buy a new torque converter and have not decided on sprag or spragless. If it depends on the application please e-mail me and I will fill you in. Any information you can give me will be appreciated.

Thanks, Tony

Tony Tymoszek
Cheboygan, Michigan


The right converter can make all the difference, and when the choice is made, it should be a converter made for your application, not something off the shelf. The style of the converter is dictated by application. Aluminum stator, steel stator, sprag, spragless, mechanical diode, 8", 9", 10", etc. On our website, mikestransmissions.com, we have a torque converter data sheet that we have customers fill out with all the engine and car information, so we can custom build a converter just for he customer's application.


Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
(661) 723-0081

I'm getting ready to purchase a new powerglide trans. It is for a 3000lb drag radial car with a 632 BBC on nitrous and 3.89 rear gears. Which low gear would be best a 1.80 or the 1.69? Thanks

Bob Dersch


In your new combination you'll need a very good powerglide; not an assembly line type unit, but a custom built unit. A 632 on spray will make some serious torque, so it'll take  a big input shaft to deal with that. As far as 1.80 ratio vs. 1.69, the 1.80 is a lot stronger because the gear diameter and tooth sizes are bigger. On this car and motor combo, you'll have to kill some timing on the launch to control it. So I would go with the stronger 1.80 every time. The 1.69 would be better in a light front-engined dragster, or something like that.


Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
(661) 723-0081


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