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What's the proper way to do a burnout without hurting the converter sprag?

Alvin P Lyda

You just need to roll on the throttle and when the tires start to hook shut off.  Don't be a throttle jockey! Jumping on and off the throttle on the burn out or on the run hits the drive train very hard, this includes the transmission, torque converter and differential.


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Mike ,

Do you have any idea where a guy could find an adapter plate or bell to put a SBC in front of a large bell ,pan fill C-4? This is not for drag racing but for an early Bronco so it need not be SFI certed .

Thanks ,

Spence Sharp


We do have a small block Chevy to C-4 Bellhousing.  We would need to build you a C-4 to Chevy torque converter also.


Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
(661) 723-0081

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