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I have a ZZ4 crate motor in my '73 Nova (3330lbs including me), 750 vacuum Holley, roller rockers, 2800 stall, 3:73 posi with stock suspension. So far my best is 12:87 @ 105. Timing is 36 total and jetting is 68 front, 72 rear. Any suggestions to squeeze a little more from the motor? I think it may be tapped out for what it is.

Tony Brand
Vancouver, Canada

As far as squeezing more from the engine it can only do so much unless your willing to go inside. Perhaps a different camshaft, port the heads, etc. If this is a strip only car though you need a looser converter and more gear. Try different launch rpms, shift points, jetting for best mph, timing for best mph, different race fuels,etc. The suspension is a whole nother matter. Find as much information as you can about Stock Eliminator Novas and Camaro's suspensions and you will be amazed at the potential hiding in your car. Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder

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