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I have a 400 sbc I would like to use for bracket racing.  It is a 817 casting no. 2 bolt block. I plan on putting splayed four caps on the 3 center mains, plugging the deck holes with a Moroso deck plug kit, and adding hard block up to the bottom of the water pump. I plan on having approx 12.5 -1 comp., 3.875 forged crank, Edelbrock Victor Jr heads, 950 Holley, Super Victor intake, and 1 7/8 headers. This will be a bracket racer with a powerglide w/5600 conv, trans brake,14-32 tire, 2900 lbs Chevelle. Is it worth my while using the 400 block, racing on a budget? I will get all the correct machine work done on this.


Well, yes it is worth doing. If your budget does not allow an aftermarket block then that answers its own dilemma. It sounds like you have put together a nice plan of attack and if everything is machined and assembled correctly you should have a fine running bracket engine. I think that the 400 has gotten a bad wrap over the years for notorious overheating. Every 400 I have ever been involved with has had some kind of supporting problem that actually caused it to overheat. They do get thin between cylinders so it would be nice to have the block sonic checked for thickness and crack checked. If it passes inspection I say go for it! Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder

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