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I have a 400 Chrysler that came with a dual quad offy intake. I replaced it with a Torker but the bolt holes don't line up. I talked to the engine builder that put it together and he said no milling was done on the heads, block, or the offy. The part # on the torker is 3010. What gives? I'm stumped.

Dave Pristasch
New Jersey


Well, it depends on how exactly the holes on the Torker "don't line up". If the holes in the intake are too low compared to the heads then most likely the Torker has been milled at some point and unless you can buy or make thicker gaskets you're probably out of luck. If the holes in the intake are high compared to the heads then the Torker needs to be milled to fit. It is kind of hard to believe that nothing was milled previously but I guess it could happen. It's all part of building an engine. Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder

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