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Check Out That Chassis


I am working on a full tube chassis, 4-link door car. On the first shake down runs, the car went left at the launch. The car has been scaled and 4-wheel aligned. Rear tire pressure was 8 psi. I don't have the scale numbers but the alignment was set at 6 deg.,0 deg.camber,0 toe at approx.1 inch lift. If I recall the chassis was set up with 40 lbs heavy on the r/rear.

LeRoy Pierre


In most cases when the car goes to the left you have to much load on the right rear tire. I would take 1 flat of preload out of the top right bar and try it again (you will be lengthening the bar). Video the runs; this will help you figure out if it is the preload that is sending the car left. The next thing that is going to get you in Big trouble is 0 tow in? You need at least 1/8" of tow in just to make sure you have any under load at speed.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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