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Check Out That Chassis



I'm having a problem with car wanting to move around on the big end after I let off. It's a 94 inch wheelbase car. The car was fine then I installed a wishbone locator and a set of hal qa1 shocks. Originally, it had a panhard bar and old cheap shocks. The car is a ladder bar car. I use 30/13.50 et streets. I took the car to a chassis shop to have it scaled and once they scaled it got really bad. Any help would be great. The chassis shop told me to install another cross bar on the wishbone about 4 inches from the front helm joints because it could bind up. The car weighs 3010 w/driver and runs 6.50 1/8 mile.

Steve Kiesel
Covington, Georgia


There are a few things that will make your car dance round in the shut down area; I would start by checking the caster angle on the front spindles. You want at least 5 degrees, then in the rear you need to look at all your rod ends. A little play in each one adds up to big movement under a load.

Your chassis guy may be right if your wish bone is light duty and long
enough it will flex and this adds to your movement. If your panhard bar was installed properly it will work great for a ladder bar car and perform just as well as any other centering devise. Don't be afraid to go back to a tried and true part sometimes they work better then the trick stuff.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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