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My brother and I are thinking about building a 1998 Trans Am to run DOT street tire races at Super Chevy Events. I'm wanting to know how the guy's that run stockers set up the rear suspensions to get them to work properly. We will be using a 275/60-15 M/T drag radial with a 12 bolt Chevy or 9" Ford in the car with a powerglide and brake and approx. a 600 HP small block engine. Can you give me any ideas on how to set up the rear and front suspension on this car for a base line set-up?

Randy Boggs
Cincinnati Oh.


Boy you asked the right guy about this stuff. You can do your whole car with just bolt on parts just like we do and build for the stocker guys. I would start with a Strange 12 bolt to fit your car and add our S&W sub-frame connectors and torque arm package. Our anti-roll bar kit is also a great add-on if you are taking the stock fuel tank out. The front end we use a pair of competition engineering shocks. Strange is working on an adjustable stock, but it is not ready yet, this will be even better. You want to keep the rear spring uncut with the spring rubbers in place, the rear ride height is important. An adjustable rear shock will help also. Any thing you can do to lighten the front end , after market brakes, move the battery to the rear, all this type of stuff will help make this a fun car to race. When you are ready to start please give me a call.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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