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Check Out That Chassis


I have an old SRD MONZA with a 555 BBC. The front end A arms have an adjustable limiter for front end travel. Can you please explain where these adjustments are necessary? How does it affect traction? Is it good to have the front wheels lift with the chassis on the hole shot right away? Thanks.

Jack Jordan
Buffalo, NY


Your Monza will only need about 2-3” of front end travel on a good track, but when you get to a bad track or it is the middle of August and 100 degree out and the track temp is 140 or more degrees, this is when the adjustable part will help you the most, you just loosen the front end up some it has more travel and this will let it transfer more weight easier to the rear tires faster so it will hook better on a bad track too. Do you know any history on your car?

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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