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Check Out That Chassis


I have a '71 Camaro with Cal-trac bars and Calvert two piece monoleaf springs. The engine is a 540 cubic inch Chevy and I'm running a Coan turbo 350 tranny with 4.10 gears in the rear. The tires are M/T e.t. streets size 28 x 10.50. The car weighs 3577 lbs with driver. I currently have 5 degrees of pinion angle. It has Carrera 90/10 shocks in front with QA1 adjustable shocks in the rear. I foot brake the car leaving @ 2000 rpm. The car has run a best of 10.07 at 135 mph with a 1.48 60'. I believe the car will break the 9 second barrier if I could get the car to 60'. The initial bite seems to be their because the car lifts the tires on launch but they immediately come back down causing them to bounce in the air again. Any tips or suggestions on how to lower the 60' time would be appreciated.


Jeff Robinson


I have not worked with Cal-Trac bars with Calvert springs, but from what you are telling me it sounds like you should take the 90-10 shocks off the front and put on a QA-1 adjustable shock. This will slow the front end rise down and you may want to make the rear shocks a little stiffer so it dose not hit the tire so hard. Your car is dropping the front end because it runs out of torque and it has loaded the tire too hard and can’t keep the tire down, then it spins. Check it out with a video camera and use the camera when you test, this will be your biggest help. Some of this will help, if you need more help call me or talk to Cal-trac they will help you also.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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