Volume IX, Issue 8, Page 118

Check Out That Chassis


I have a '65 Plymouth Belvedere with the SS springs. The car has a 383 with a TF with shift kit, an 4500 stall converter 4.56 with ratchet. I race the car on 1/8 mile track. This Sunday, upon launch, the car had some wheel hop. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Mark Forest


Your wheel hop is and age old problem with stock type suspension. Your problem can be fix with any number of products, from better shocks, slipper bars, ladder bars, 4-link, even bigger better tires. But you will need to start some where, the best thing to do is figure out where you want to end up. Just how much cutting and welding do you want to do to your car. Make a plan and buy quality parts it will be money well spend and the end result will be a car you are proud of and no more wheel hop. Call me, I have a plan.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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