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I have an '82 Mustang, 351, T5WC. I would like to run NMRA in the 13 -12.60 class events but I would like to strenghten the backend with a 9" rear and bigger tires. The original rear upper and lower arm brackets are very weak and from what I understand of the rules I can not change any of the frame to rear positioning (EX: back half the car). I remember reading about an upper reinforced bracket kit. Please help. Any advice would be welcomed.

Cecil Funderburk
Fairview, IL


Cecil ,

The NMRA rules are you can move them but we have weld the uni-body and added plate to thicken and gusset the upper and lower control arm mounts. I think if you do any more then that you may have a problem in tech.

There is a kit cross member to replace the upper mounts but it will NOT pass tech.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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