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I am a ladder bar dummy ! I have a '62 Nova with a SBC t-400 T-brake 4:10 gear 9" 295 M/T drag radial, and single adjust QA1shocks. It has a AJE front subframe with struts. My ladder bars have the adjustable lower link. My questions are what do I need to do to make this car hook up better? I got this car in pieces and just got it together. I don't have any paperwork with it. Do the +-on the shocks refer to compression or rebound? Pinion angle in relation to ladder bar angle raise or lower the ladder bar to improve launch? What would playing with adjustable lower link do? Thank You.

Dale Peterson, MN


You need to get yourself Dave Morgan’s door slammers the chassis book. This will help you under stand how it all works together.

First, it sound like you have good parts and all of it is adjustable.
Second, the + and – on a QA-1 shock adjusters both directions at the same time, - makes it softer and + makes it stiffer. I start on most ladder bar cars with that shock on 2 or 3 from soft.
Third, pinion angle to ladder bar angle, our bars are set up that the bottom bar and the pinion are 0.
Fourth, you would raise the bar to make it hit the tire harder, but it will transfer less weight.
If you lower the bar it will not hit the tire as hard and will try to transfer more weight from the front to the back.
Fifth, the adjuster in the bottom link of your ladder bar can be used to add preload to the rear tires to help make the car launch straight.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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