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Check Out That Chassis


After looking over a friend's good deal on a race car project, I have decided it is way to poorley constructed to try and save. I am going to build him a new round tube chassis for the car. Now usually I would order a 2x3 frame  for the car and be done with it. But since he has most of the parts and I can get all the round tubing cheaper then I can get a bare frame from someone, we decided to go with the round tube. The wheel base is 110 inches on the car .

I was wondering where to put the front 4-link brackets in relation to the rear axle center line. I was told 23 inches from the axle center line to the front face of the 4-link brackets or to the centerline of crossmember that they are mounted to, was a good number. What would you recomend? Thanks in advance!

Joseph Hainley
Garden Grove, CA


In building a 4-link chassis, I would look at buying a quality 4-link kit with moly rod ends. The different kits very some but you will find that most are around 23” from axle center line to the front of the chassis brackets. I would get the kit before you start building. Call us we have a couple of different 4-link kits.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

I have a 3200 pound ladder bar chevelle that runs low 9s.  Some say I need a anti-roll bar.  What are the benefits with a ladder bar, and how fast before I need one?  Thanks

Tom Chatterley
London, Ontario, Canada


A good anti roll bar will take some of the load off of the rear housing and ladder bars. If your car has a 12 bolt housing this will help your housing live a lot longer. Right now your housing and ladder bars are acting just like an anti-roll bar, it is the same configuration only the arm length is way to long to be effective. The anti roll will stop all the body roll on the launch.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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