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Mounting the belt drive fuel pump and alternator

This article would take about three minutes IF "Project 4-Link" was fitted with a Chevrolet engine, but it isn't. The Indy Cylinder Head 540" Bracket Master has performed flawlessly and we just checked the bearings and they are perfect. The other thing that would make mounting these parts easier would be IF I had the nice shop equipment, but I don't. I figured I could do it if I took my time and used cardboard and wood for templates and patterns.

After some trial and error "engineering," I found a spot for the pump and the alternator and (I hope) enough room for the Moroso Vacuum Pump. I have a couple pictures below that show some of the cardboard patterns and thin aluminum plate that I could cut with a hacksaw and jigsaw. They look a little crude but that is because THEY ARE. Hey, it worked and I did most of it in two evenings.

These are some of the "trick" pieces I used to form my brackets. At least cardboard cuts easily . . . .

I had to get out the jig saw, a chunk of wood, and some sandpaper for this final model of the fuel pump bracket.

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