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"Let the chassis builder take care of the details"

Welcome to our second edition of "Project 4-Link". I have been in touch with Jim Pulliam at Dragstar Chassis, Inc. and he tells me it is being taken off the jig this weekend. I felt now would the time to share a bit more of the "experience" of getting things started from an owner's point of view. We are really getting excited about the first "brand new" racecar we have ever had. That means all the structural welding is done and the fun stuff starts-assembly. If you read our first article in this series you know by now we chose Dragstar Chassis Inc. in Old Monroe, Missouri to build our dragster. You can reach them at (636) 661-5081 if you are considering a dragster as your next race vehicle.

I thought now would be the best time to give you one more quick tour of the Dragstar Chassis Inc. shop. Jim provides customers with a detailed "Blue Book" (a.k.a. Owner's Guide) of the parts used for construction, measurements, four-link settings, shock settings, etc. His attention to detail would be hard for anyone to match in my opinion.

We are just about finished lining up our marketing partners for Project 4-Link. You will see the logos of those companies that have supported us in the rest of our tech series articles. I am glad to have such a diversified group of manufacturers joining us. We couldn't have gotten off to such a great start without their support and I just wanted to thank all of them right


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   Laser Marking
   Steering Column
   Super Shield
   Temperature Gauge
   Transmission Shields
   Water Pumps


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