The Coolest Track Car Ever?

Words by Jeff Burk -p Photos by Chris Blair and Mark Fournier

It would only make sense that Curtis Francois would celebrate.

Now we’re not sure, but the week the paperwork was finalized making him the official owner of the multi-purpose Gateway Motorsports Park facility located in Madison, Ill., just a couple of miles east of downtown St. Louis (you can see the famous Gateway Arch from the track) he was at the Chevrolet Performance Build Center in Novi, Mich., putting together the 427 SBC that would go into the 2013 COPO Camaro he had ordered to be used as the coolest "Official Track Car" ever. .

So early in the first week of May Francois took new track manager, Chris Blair, and Gateway media expert Mark Fournier north so Francois could personally assembly the 427-inch small block LS that would power his spankin’ new Camaro

When DRO got a call from Blair saying that Francois was assembling the engine that would go into his Camaro Coupe we asked if they would take some pics of Mr. Francois bolting the engines and they said sure so here is a step-by-step photo essay of the engine build.

Chevys Ron Hein (left) watches Curtis installing the timing cover after installing the timing chain.