The fuel injector flow bench is a critical piece of equipment for any fuel injector or EFI system manufacturer. However, commercial benches used by most companies today are little more than fuel injectors mounted above graduated cylinders. Once turned on, fuel passes through the injectors and into the cylinders for a set time. The injector is then turned off and the liquid in the container is measured. A manual calculation is made to determine how much fuel the particular injector would flow in an hour.

Even though this time and volume based technique is the industry standard, it leaves plenty of room for potential error. The engineers at FAST™ realized the drawbacks in this method and decided to create a new, more accurate flow bench with much needed expanded capabilities. Leading the project was FAST™ Electrical Engineering Group Leader Ron Turnpaugh.

Turnpaugh and his team of engineers were responsible for designing, building and testing the bench. From writing the software to plumbing the system, everything was done in-house from scratch. It was more expensive and time consuming than simply buying a traditional fuel injector flow bench, but it resulted in a unique piece of equipment that far exceeds anything on the market in terms of accuracy and functionality.

The biggest difference that sets the FAST™ bench apart from everything else is its ability to read information dynamically. As soon as the injectors start flowing, the computer displays the flow rate data from up to eight separate real-time flow meters.