This is where we started when we removed the stock dash and I fabricated a new aluminum dash. Nothing fancy. I like things simple and making one bend in this aluminum fit that requirement.

This is how the gauge panel and Mega Switch Panel ended up. I used a plastic cutting board to mount everything and then cut out enough of the dash to let me put the panel in. This was much easier than trying to work with just the thin aluminum dash panel. Besides, if you mess it up, you can get another plastic cutting board at Wal-Mart for $10.00 and your dash is still OK.

This is our Mega Dial Panel and switch panel. You control just about everything from this, including the Digital Delay LED dial-in board. This is a piece of cake to wire up as all the wires for the switches are already attached and in a cable that attaches to the Elite Relay Panel in one click. Could not be easier to hook the switch panel to the Relay Panel.