A new addition! Actually, two new additions!

Hi, everyone, and welcome back! I admit it. I missed last month. But, I had a “little” excuse: Sarah Kaylee Roeder! Our little bundle of joy showed up a little early just like her older brother had done. Jan. 29th at 6:15 p.m. after over 30 hours without sleep we were blessed with another perfect, healthy child. We feel so blessed and on March 19th Michael will turn 4 years old and he starts pre-school next fall! Seems like I was announcing his birth in an article just a short time ago. Man, how time flies! On to the ‘taters.

In the last article I covered one of the last pain in the butt project (because I made it that way), of finish welding the Hedman Hedder kit with the Mig welder and grinding all the joints but I didn’t have any finished pics, so, I’ve got them this time.

The finished Hedman headers installed one last time to make sure they still fit. The front cross member was removed for pics.

The only thing I want to change before getting them ceramic coated is to add the bungs for (8) EGT (exhaust gas temperature) sensors. Part of the reason for that is I am planning on installing a data recorder in the car and also to help tune the engine with the second addition to the family. I am getting a Stuska Track Master Gold LC engine DYNO for my shop! I am SO excited to be getting a dyno! It will be a great tool to add to the arsenal of the shop and allow me to test every engine that leaves the shop before it gets installed in the various racing vehicles.

The business will now be called Roeder Performance Machine and DYNO
Service! The dyno will ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and confidence and, quite frankly, help me protect my own, umm, rear end, from what happens to the engines after they leave my shop and get “tuned” by someone else. It will also open a new aspect of tech articles on DRO because now we can dyno test products and report the findings. The possibilities are endless for new projects and articles!

Concerning Project Muscrate, I am planning on dyno tuning the engine and using my FAST Dual Band A/F monitor on both the dyno and in the car. The Stuska dyno uses a data acquisition program called Power Pro and it will readily accept the FAST controller as part of the system. This way I will be using the same A/F logger on both the dyno and in the car. Also, any customers that have a FAST A/F logger can bring their own unit to my shop and plug it into the dyno software. How cool is that? Same goes for the (8) EGT’s.