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I have a glide (built by "Gaugler", a guy in your neighborhood I think) and it has a fine horizontal crack in the bell housing approximately between the top right and left bolt holes. Can it be welded or repaired? It's a back-up unit for my 900hp sbc. Of course my main unit is a "Mikes/Vasco/Reid"

Bill Turk


An experienced person at aluminum welding can easily weld that case and it would probably be OK as long as everything is still straight. He will notice the aluminum is kind of dirty because it is cast and it has been out on the road and then on the track for 40-some years. It is usually better to re-case it with an OEM or an aftermarket case, but OEM is probably OK for a spare transmission. Glad to hear you have a good one for your #1 unit.

Thanks, Mike

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