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My racing partner just destroyed his new Coan Super Sprag converter after about 40 passes. The local trans guy told him it is because he is leaving on the converter all the time. He has a mag, and leaves on stall which is about 6 grand. He was told to put a two step in the car so he leaves lower and this will prevent blowing out the converter. Is this correct? Second question. We both run Alterds, under 2000lbs no front brakes. We do our burn outs in high gear (glides). The same trans guy told us this would cook the high gear clutches. In checking with everyone, I get about 50/50 that shifting is just as bad as high gear only burn outs? What is the truth here? Thanks in advance for your help.

Earl Helm


My wife Christy and I have always run a glide in our dragster. It weighs 2100 lbs. with a 500-inch blown alcohol Hemi engine. We have run as quick as 5.97 and as fast as 239.9 mph.

We always do a high-gear burnout. Low gear is useless for the burnout because of no wheel speed. We fire the car, pull it directly into high gear and roll it on up into big smoke. No problem. It if slips high gear on the burnout it is not going to hold on the run.

Thanks, Mike

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