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I have a stock 5.0 with aluminumVictor Jr.heads and a .512 Lunata cam and still can't get into the 7.00's. Whats wrong? It is an auto/C4 trans. with a 4.88 gear on 1/8 th mile track. Please help.

Ray Williams
Dunn,North Carolina


I would need more information to give you an accurate educated guess but if you really do mean you want to run 7.00's in the 1/8 mile that would be awful respectable for a "stock" 5.0 with Vic Jr. heads and a cam. 7.00's would equate to about 11 teens in the 1/4 mile. If you mean you just cant get into the 7's at all then that is a little different. Depending on the weight of the car, suspension setup, wheel and tire package, etc. 7's are doable with a mostly "stock" 5.0. Without more info to work with I can only give you one general piece of advice and that is to make sure you use a good brand of torque converter such as TCI, ATI, A1. Do NOT use one of the "bargain" brand converters and expect to have any luck. If you want to send back some more info about the combination, anything you can think of, we can work this out and get the results you are after. Hope this helps.