Let’s face it, we all work hard through the week and when the weekend rolls around
it’s no surprise that there’s an increase in the number of SUV and pick up trucks on
the freeways towing a variety of trailers. If you have ever towed a trailer behind a
vehicle – and chances are if you are reading this article you probably own one – you know how important it is to make
sure that everything on your rig and trailer are in perfect working order in the interest of safety. Seasoned haulers have a mental checklist of what items to check, including tires, brakes, electrical connections and lights. More often than not, everything checks out fine and you are on your way.

A few hours into your trip a police officer pulls you over and informs you that a tail light is out on your trailer. How could this be? All the lights worked perfectly on the walk around prior to your departure. Unfortunately light bulbs burn out and need to be replaced, and unlike most modern vehicles trailers won’t tell you when and where a light has burned out. Most people who haul trailers do a quick walk around at rest stops and gas stations to make sure everything is fine. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less thing to worry about when towing a trailer? Let’s face it pulling an extra 3,000-plus pounds is stressful enough! If you can lower your stress level chances are that you’ll arrive at your destination safer and more relaxed, which is the whole point of hauling toys or a camper out for the weekend in the first place.

Valley Towing Products is the industry leader in professional towing systems and has introduced a product that adds an additional level of safety when towing a trailer. The Valley Smart Trailer Wireless Lighting Monitor™ keeps a close eye every trailer light while you’re driving via a multi-function LED display that can be mounted easily in view of the driver in a permanent or temporary fashion for use in multiple vehicles. The system is easy and quick to install using basic hand tools such as a drill, socket wrench and screwdriver.

One of the most appealing factors of the Valley Smart Trailer Wireless Monitor is that there is no additional wiring to the vehicle or trailer. The transmitter/brain of the system simply installs onto the chassis of the trailer and is then plugged inline with the trailer light harness. In the event of a fault, such as a running light failure, a signal is sent to the receiver that is mounted in the cabin of the vehicle and plugged into the cigarette lighter. The bright LED display will indicate what the problem is so that the operator can fix it.

The system works with a variety of trailer lighting systems ranging from 4-flat to 7-way incandescent and LED, making the Valley Smart Trailer Wireless Lighting Monitor a true investment that will adapt to your towing needs.

• Install time: About 1 hour

• Tools required: Drill, socket wrench, screwdriver, provided mounting bracket and screws

• Retail pricing starts at $189.95

• Contact Information: 2129 Austin Drive Rochester Hills, MI 48309 800.344.3112 www.vtowing.com