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I have a '69 Camaro, frame is mild steel with a funny car driver's cage, 2x3, ladder bar, a-arm. Front-clip is all fiber & hood and doors. All lexan windows. The roof rear qtrs. are factory steel all gutted to the steel, you know ole school stuff, built in 1992, BBC 572 alky injected, glide and the car weight with me @ 200lbs. It's a whale @ 3140. What can a man do? I know just start over, but this car was before its time. You gotta see thepaint scheme, done in 1994, truthfully THIS car was before its time. Runs 5.40's 8th, 8.30's qtr. go's straight as an arrow, it's just TOO heavy. Thanks for any insight on this whale of a problem!!!

P.S. I run hot/rod 10.90, cause I'm so FAT and break a bulb on the stop for 3.8 sec, runs 10.90's @ 158 mph. 

RW Massoletti, Div 4, Texas


Well everything is BIG in Texas, why not your car. The truth is you can do small things to lose a small amount of weight but it all adds up and will make a difference. A new Chrome moly cage will save you about 120# total using your 2x3 frame, some of the other parts could be a new 9" ford rear instead of a Dana like the older cars had. The best way to really look at the weight issue is to look at every part and ask yourself will the car go down the track with out this part if the answer is yes leave it off. Good luck with your Quest. I have a Camaro roadster for sale it would be 2100 even with you in it, call me.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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