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I ran across your web page on Drag Racing Magazine Online and saw some of your questions and answers that you have there.  I have been looking for information on chassis set up on the stock eliminator cars and thought that you might be able to tell me how they set up their cars. 

I have a '71 Nova with about 620 hp small block Chevy engine, Jerico DR4, with 3.08 first, 1.93 second, and 1.34 third gear ratio, running a 5.00:1 ring and pinion.  I use a McLeod soft lok clutch, CalTrac bars with adjustable shocks, QA1/90-10 front shocks, with 213# front springs.  Other than sub-frame connectors and 6. roll bar, aluminum body bushings, the chassis is otherwise stock.  I use the Goodyear D2120 30" x 9" slicks.  The car weighs 3,400 lbs. with driver, including the 2 batteries I have in the trunk for a little ballast. 

I have considered lowering the first gear ratio to 3.17 to try to slow the wheel speed some, and apply more torque.  I have experimented with clutch adjustment (counterweight and base pressure) and launch rpm and have found that lower is generally better.  Depending on track conditions and weather, it usually has 60 ft. times of around 1.40 to 1.43, with a best of 1.39 in ideal situations.   We race at different tracks around the area, some good and some more challenging. 

I would like to find information on how to make this car launch, wheels up, more consistently and be a little quicker off the line.   Any information you can give me would be much appreciated.


Jim Harden

Jim Harden,
I would like to talk to you to get more info as to the things you have tried to see what worked with you car. Maybe I can learn something from you that will help more people with the same type of questions. I will post what we talk about for everyone to read. Call me 610-948-7303X111.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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