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I have a 2700 lb Astra panel wagon, caged 4-link 457, 9 inch 14x32, 496 big block Chevy approx. 650 hp. I am running a basically stock truck 400 turbo, 3500 stall. I bought a 400 with trans brake and not much else. I plan to boost hp by about 200.  Where would you spend the money

on the 400 turbo to make it last? What hard parts do you recommend?

p.s. An Asrta is a Canadian Vega sold by Pontiac.

Wayne Priest
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Wayne, the basic TH400 is pretty stout on its own. A good performance rebuild with more clutches, some bearings, possibly a billet input and hub, and a modified drum with a 34 element sprag will do it. That is, one done by someone who knows how to do it to make it last for years.

Thanks, Mike

Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
(661) 723-0081