Volume X, Issue 11, Page 86

Project Muscrate … the calibrated eyeball.

Hi everyone and welcome back! I always have good intentions. Well, not always, but most of the time! Unfortunately the world around me and the events that correspond don’t always seem to have the same agenda as I do. Specifically, letting me get any work done on Muscrate. But, I am fighting with all I have and I WILL be racing in 2009 no matter what! On to the taters…

The rear view gives a better look at how it all is starting to come together. Have no fear, the wheelie man is still here!

In the last article I covered some of the “little things” that seem to always take so much more time than they should even though I ought to know better by now! The seat track from hell is done and I have moved on to other projects. I was basically to the point where I needed to build wheelie bars. As most of my loyal readers will know (all eight of you) I likes my wheelies! Have no fear! I will still do wheelies! But, as I discovered last fall, not having some way of limiting the bumper-dragging wheelies actually limited me on how hard I could launch and correspondingly kept me from garnering the coveted 9-second time slip. The MPH was there but the E.T.s just suffered too much do to the severity of the wheel stands. But hey, it was FUN!

Now, though, considering I am getting back to NHRA Class Racing I need to concern myself with going fast and that doesn’t include 120-foot wheelies. Just a nice 60-70 footer maybe! I actually plan on using adjustable front struts in combination with the adjustment of the Competition Engineering Magnum 4 link to handle most of the wheelie control. But I need “sissy bars” just to give me the peace of mind that I have a last line of defense against putting Muscrate on its lid!

I decided that if I was going to have them they were going to have to be lightweight, functional, and of course cool. I decided to go with Competition Engineering again and use there universal weld up 60 in. Chrome Moly kit (#C2145). The upper tubes are sprung and have some preload adjustability by adjusting the locking collars on the coil spring mounts. According to NHRA rules for Super Stock Modified Stock I am allowed a 54-inch wheelie bar length. The kit comes with chrome moly tubing and weld in clevis ends that need to be Tig welded during final assembly. This is a kit in the purest form and it is quite a bit of work getting everything made to the individual specs of your chassis.

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