Volume X, Issue 10, Page 116

DynoMax Dyno Tour Championship

Power to the Wheels Champions Crowned

It all started with a car, a driver and a couple of DynoMax mufflers, and after that the dyno became quite the platform for an unbelievable assortment of cars and a tribute to raw power during the DynoMax Power to the Wheels Dyno Tour Championship Shootout in Springfield, Mo.

The Qualifiers hailed from all over North America – from Challis, Idaho, to Great Bend, New York, to Dufresne, Manitoba, Canada, to Social Circle, Ga. – and their dedication to the DynoMax Power to the Wheels Dyno Tour made the event an exciting moment in automobile history.

Danny Tyner and his 1963 Ford Falcon edged out last year’s Champion Brian Anderson by almost 40 horsepower to take first-place in the Power-Adder Class when he posted 1766.52 horsepower. Darren Tedder and his 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda blew the competition away in the All-Motor Class when he pulled 956.83 horsepower.

“These cars are an unbelievable tribute to our mufflers and exhaust products,” said Jason DeNardo, product manager, aftermarket performance, Tenneco.

From 512 horsepower in a nearly stock ‘88 Chevy Corvette to a completely redone ’63 Ford Falcon, the Championship was the culminating event to an unreal Power to the Wheels season…and they were all built around DynoMax. You can’t mess with those cars, their horsepower numbers and our mufflers!” 

The DynoMax Power to the Wheels Dyno Tour, sponsored and managed by a manufacturer, was created to test the horsepower and torque of muscle cars outfitted with DynoMax exhaust systems and muffers. The 2008 series included two separate car classes, including Power-Adder and All-Motor.

The DynoMax Power to the Wheels Dyno Tour concluded during its Championship Shootout in mid-September at the Street Machine Nationals in Springfield, Mo. To qualify for the Championship, the drivers had to dyno run their vehicle at a Qualifying Event during the Power to the Wheels series that started back in May.

The Top 5 Qualifiers of each car class were invited to participate at the Championship Shootout. The Top 5 Qualifiers in the Power-Adder Class were Danny Tyner, Great Bend, New York; Brian Anderson, Kathleen, Ga.; Brian Wall, Dufresne, Manitoba, Canada; Jim Plimpton, Franksville, Wi.; and Mark Gjavenis, Apple Valley, Minn.

The Top 5 Qualifiers in the All-Motor Class were Darren Tedder, Social Circle, Ga.; Richard Burdette, Conley, Ga.; Jim LaRoy, Challis, Idaho; and Cory Gallus, Prior Lake, Minn.