Volume IX, Issue 11, Page 64

Always use protection!

DRO Installs a Trailer Security System

This is the way we wired up the relays to the yellow wires. One relay turns on the marker lamps and the other will turn the electric brakes on and off in 30-second cycles.

I know what you’re thinking. What are the chances someone would ever steal my race car trailer? Why would anyone break into my garage or race car shop? The answer is simple. To steal your stuff or vandalize it. Either way, it would suck to have it happen after all the money and time you’ve invested in it, right?

Well, we have a very cost-effective solution that even the professional race teams have found effective; the Advanced Wireless Technology wireless trailer alarm kit. We also got one for the garage doors to help repel those thieving b*stards who want my “stuff!”

The upper part of the inside sensor is the sending unit and has to be kept out of the weather. The magnet side goes on the door.

I received the kit in the mail from an old friend and inventor of this trick little system, Tommy Johnson, Sr. He has been racing since well, let’s just say a long time ago. (Sorry, I have been sworn to secrecy!) He has been around sportsman teams and professional teams. No matter who you are, if someone steals your parts or race car... it hurts!

The installation didn’t take very long at all. Basically you wire the “control unit” to the battery in the trailer. I kept my components under the front counter and out of sight. I did have to drill a small hole in the counter so I could get the antenna out in the open. No big deal and the hole is only 3/16” in size.

A close-up look at the mounting of the sensor and magnet. Try to maintain an 1/8” gap but no more than ¼”.

The siren was mounted outside the trailer in the storage box I have mounted there. The wires are already hooked up and all I did was put a Weather-Tight connector on them so I could unplug it to get the wires routed.

I mounted the shock sensor in the center of my front upper cabinets. You can adjust the sensitivity once you get things powered up. The instructions are very clear and so easy to understand -- even this old Mopar racer got it done the first time.

The door sensors are easy to install. Take special note of the arrows on the sensors. The arrows need to point at each other. I used two-sided tape to trial fit them and check out the system. Once that is done you should mount them with screws so they stay put and in adjustment. You need to maintain a 1/8th inch gap between the door sensor and body sensor. [Note: Mount the magnet sensor on the doors as they are water-proof. The electronic sensor is not waterproof and needs to be mounted to body side of the trailer in a place where rain cannot easily get to it.]

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