Top Fuel Wormhole

Top Fuel Wormhole by Cole Coonce

By Cole Coonce

Volume 1 of the Cole Coonce drag strip reader. Churned out between races while sitting in a trackside porta-potty, Coonce's collection of incendiary drag strip journalism was written during his days at Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Full Throttle News and Nitronic Research, between his stints as a guitar player in Braindead Soundmachine and his return to show business as Angelyne's fluffer in Studio City, California. Its 256 pages of ack-ack includes "Viva La Nitro!" and "Who's Afraid of Arley Langlo?"

Cole Coonce immigrated to California in the grease bucket of a Studebaker wagon in the 1840s. Since he could not afford passage at the time, he was given to stow away. As a young hobo on the road in America, Coonce picked up many Native American languages and social mannerisms. (Most of which had to be sold for rent money in Los Angeles.) Coonce now pioneers Goodyear drag-slick tire melting & air intake research for blower explosions. His final countdown looms in this torrid display of straightline tarmac wizardry.

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Three Weeks in March

By Mickey Bryant

Three weeks in March of 1959 in Bakersfield, California, were the beginning of modern “National event” drag racing. Don Garlits arrived from Florida for the March Meet and the sport was changed forever. Mickey Bryant was a witness to the events of those historic Three Weeks in March and shares his memories along with many black and white and color photos. If you remember the time or want to learn what it was like, you’ll enjoy this book.


Match Race Madness

by Grady Bryant

Back in the early 1960’s there was a bunch of racers in Texas who lived to race. The main thing on their minds was how to get their cars to go quicker and faster. They didn’t follow the rules, they bent the rules! Their innovations came so fast that the sanctioning bodies couldn’t keep up with them, so they began making deals to race with each individual track. The car manufacturers took notice and started coming up with modifications of their own. And so the Match Race Wars began.

Grady Bryant was one of these pioneer match racers. If you want to know some history of the sport, along with some great racing stories and a glimpse at the personalities back in the day, you’ve got to read “Match Race Madness.”



Quarter Mile Chaos: Images of Drag Racing Mayhem

by Steve Reyes

Quarter-Mile Chaos looks at the treacherous side of drag racing’s golden age. Almost 200 rare and stunning photographs from the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s capture terrifying fires, explosions, and crashes, all by-products of the quest to go faster. Quarter-Mile Chaos is full of up close and personal documentation of the perilous task of reaching the 1,320-foot mark first. Armed with just a couple cameras and some film, veteran drag racing photographer Steve Reyes shot some of the most dramatic and eye-catching pictures of these quarter-mile warriors. Reyes roamed the nation’s hazardous strips in search of the perfect action photo. The result is some of the most breathtaking drag racing imagery ever recorded depicting out-of-control demolition and devastation during drag racing’s most entertaining era.


Von Dutch: The Art, The Myth, The Legend

Signed by the Author!

Von Dutch is one of the most interesting characters in hot rod and popular culture history. Considered the founder of “modern” pinstriping, he was a prominent character in many of the rodding magazines of the late ‘50s, and his fame endured long after he apparently tired of it. Besides being a striper, he was a gifted artist, machinist, and gun- and knife-smith. Using stories and quotes culled from interviews, vintage photos, and images of the art and other works he left behind, this book chronicles Kenneth Howard’s life from pinstriping beatnik to bus-dwelling hermit. Where it can, this book sets the record straight on Von Dutch the man, but in many cases conflicting stories will serve to illustrate the contrary, colorful, and sometimes difficult nature of Von Dutch the legend. This book is a must-have for fans of hot rodding and hot rod culture!


Top Fuel Dragsters of the 1970s


The early ‘70s were a pivotal time for rear engine dragsters. “Slingshots” were front engine fire-breathing diggers where the driver sat just three feet behind the motor. This set-up proved to be very dangerous, so in 1970 at Lions Drag Strip “Big Daddy” Don Garlits vowed, after a horrific transmission explosion in his slingshot Wynns Charger, that he would formulate a design that would put the fuel motor behind him.

The emergence of the rear-engine dragster rekindled the interest in Top Fuel Eliminator class. Legendary championship drivers like TV Tommy Ivo, Tony Nancy, Gary Beck, Don Prudhomme, Jerry Ruth, Carl Olson, Tom McEwen, Shirley Muldowney, James Warren, Jeb Allen, Herm Peterson, Steve Carbone and many more, are all portrayed in sensational fire-and-smoke belching action at the race track.


Drag Racing Funny Cars
of the 1970s


See the cars raced by many of the legendary names in drag racing, including Don Prudhomme, Tom McEwen and Jim Dunn. Action shots as well as clear detailed under the shell shots in the pits.

Various makers and models of cars that have been reconstructed as funny cars--including Camaros, Mustangs, Javelins, Dodge Chargers, and Firebirds.


Diggers, Funnies, Gassers & Altereds

In the ‘60s, drag racing evolved from a “run what ya brung” grassroots effort to a full-blown professional motorsport. Along the way, it created some of the most exciting racing and racecars ever built and Bob McClurg was there with a camera. McClurg is an accomplished magazine writer and photographer, but he’s best known for his drag racing images of the ‘60s and ‘70s--his lens captured all the action of the Roadsters, Gassers, Altereds, Top Fuel, Funny Cars, Pro/Stocks, and even the modern age of nostalgia drag racing. Now for the first time, McClurg’s best drag racing photos are brought together in one volume--a book that every drag racing fan will have to see.

With more than 350 color and black and white photos, this book is an exciting visual history of the sport’s most exciting years--the Golden Age of drag racing. Foreword by John Force, 12-time NHRA Funny Car season points champion.


Infinity Over Zero by Cole Coonce

Infinity Over Zero - meditations on maximum velocity

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