It hasn’t been John Force’s best year

Has Team Force lost the force?

ohn Force's team is attempting to turn this year around after a disappointing year for the drivers.  Stats are stats... and they aren't good this year.

In fact, since my stat keeping started in 1987, this is John's only year where his win/loss average is below .500.  He's 13-15 for a 46% win average... and it's been going down in the past years:  2008 (1000 ft) was 9-9 or 50%.  2008 (1320) was 14-10 or 58%... 2007 25-14 64%. (Of course, somebody like Bob Gilbertson would kill for those stats... Bob is 57-137 or 29% in NHRA stats.)

But back to JF, these are not good numbers compared to his win/loss records from the ‘90s.  In 1996, JF was 65-6 or 92%, 1993, 56-7 or 89% and 1994, 50-8 or 86%.

Actually the whole JFR team, this year (except Ashley) is below .500.  Robert Hight is 11-14 or 44% and Mike Neff is 11-15 or 42%.

Just a few more JF stats from my database from 1987 to now.... I bet you didn't know that in JF has NEVER qualified 16th.  I bet you didn't know as well that John has won more final rounds than lost first rounds.  Yes, he's won 126 events and lost 88 times in the first round.  He's actually lost more in the second round (92 times) than the first round. 

Finally, you don't normally think of John as a holeshot artist, but his record (again in my database) is 40-26! This is since and including 1987. These are all rounds, but yes, he's won 40 times on holeshots and lost 26 times, total of 66 holeshot type rounds. 

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I break rounds into four types (both good, aborted runs, holeshot and redlight) and then of course by round. You wouldn't think that about him.

By round:
1st 9-8
2nd 12-7
3rd 7-5
4th 12-6

Here is the list of final rounds where a holeshot was involved, year, stats and opponent.