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by Chris Martin


It was the pictures. Had to be. We usually average about a dozen players per quiz. Not a huge turnout, but we don't expect it. You guys just flat don't write, right? I mean we could remold this website into a part-time porn channel and no one would comment. However, we would get commentary if it were all pictures. I guess that's to be expected considering USA Today really is America's most read newspaper.

Snideness aside, we got a little over a million responses to the Loaded one's Funny Car exam of last month, give or take 999,980. Burk says they like the photos, I said I know it was the no-punches-pulled non-journalism that you're foraging through right now. Whatever. Here's six slickees for you to peruse with appropriate questions. The only difference here is we're going with the Pro Stockers.

And let's not forget whose birthday is coming up in less than a month, born on December 25. Rickie Smith.

Also, last month's winner was Grant Bittner. He finished one tally ahead of Beppo Colasanti of Rome and Chamrern Songkitrat of Thailand. The correct answers to the November quiz are:
1. Jim Dunn
2. Larry Fullerton's "Trojan Horse" Mustang II
3. Mike Miller in Jim Green's "Green Elephant" Vega
4. Dick Poll driving, Amos Satterlee tuning (This was the tough one of the bunch)
5. Greer's more than all right, you know he's out of sight, Ba da da DAA, I mean…out of shape

OK, that takes care of all the old business. To the new business.

Get the Picture

1. Who's driving Jerome Bradford's '81 Chevy Monte Carlo? (Jeff Burk photo)

2. Technically, this Dodge Colt ran as a B/Altered in 1976 and also did some match-race Pro Stock work. Who's behind the wheel? [Hint: this driver ran the best e.t. and mph for anything masquerading as a Pro Stock that year, an 8.21/168.85] (Rich Enos photo)

3. Lee Shepherd is seen beating what driver behind the wheel of C.C. Lambert's Vega in the showcase 1976 Cajun Nationals Pro Stock final?

4. Barry Setzer's 1972 Camaro Pro Stocker was driven by whom? [Hint: it ain't Pat Foster]

5. This guy finished fourth in the 1980 NHRA Pro Stock standings. He is? (Jim Joyce photo)

6. Who's this guy? (George Visosky photo)

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