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The street-legal sanctioning bodies all have classes with restrictive engine rules such as single four barrel engines, non-nitrous classes, stock component engines, even EFI classes, but the sad fact is even these classes are filled with purpose-built cars with purpose-built engines. Both EZ Street and Hot Street have cars that are race only like the Mustang of Gary Rohe (above) in EZ Street. Many of these classes now have cars that consistently run in the low nines and high eights with speeds approaching or exceeding 150 mph. To be competitive means spending some serious cash and time.

Even the cars in the Hot Street and EZ street classes have parachutes to stop, and now the rules allow the EZ street cars to have wheelie bars. The reason for that rule was a safety concern but the fact is that wheelie bars become a chassis tuning tool and those wheel stands that were so appealing about that street legal class will soon be a thing of the past. About the only classes in street legal racing today where a real street car has a chance is the EFI classes and if the rule makers aren't careful they will find themselves in trouble in this class. As long as they don't start paying a lot of money or crown a world champ, the EFI classes just may remain a haven for the real street racer.

In the mean time, the racers that used to run in NMCA have taken their act back to the street or in some cases just quit altogether. And at NMCA races if they get 100-125 class cars they are happy. Many of these sanctioning bodies have even turned to bracket racers to help their cash flow.

Maybe the answer is to start over from scratch and make sure the cars are street cars not race cars. Perhaps all classes should have to make a 25 mile drive on race day. Maybe that would make those racers who use to drive their Super Street car to the track competitive again, but then again the horse is out of the barn and closing the door now won't help.

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