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Charles Marquez Los Angeles Top Fuel racer
Tony McCallum "Tony Mac" Funny Car
Harold Miller A truly outstanding Top Fuel wrench from the San Diego, Calif. area. Worked with Croshier-Baltes-Lavato and Bill Leavitt in the 1960s
"Fast Earl" Mitchell New York/New Jersey Pro Stock racer
Freeman Morris Top 10 NHRA Pro Stock owner in 1984 with "Coyote Kid" Chevys.
Larry Nance Pro Stock racer and first winner of NBA Slam Dunk contest at all-star game.
Doug Newby
and Tommy Olds
'Hot Tuna' Top Fuel in 1978
Ernie Nicholson ran AA/GS Studebaker on the West Coast in the 1960s
Billy & Shorty Palmer Joe Lepone and Sam Carroll kept their Camaro Pro Stocks hot
Joe Penny & family major league IHRA Pro Stock owners. Roy Hill drove their T-Bird to a Popular Hot Rodding championship.
"Big Willie" Robinson
& Tomiko
Goodwill street ambassadors. "Big Willie" was probably the country's most famous street racer in the late 1960s, early 1970s
Stacy Shields Indianapolis Pro Stock racer who ran the "Super Fly" Fords.
Reggie Showers Despite missing a foot, Showers raced NHRA Pro Stock Bike in the 1990s
Dee Simmons "Big Black Gorilla" and other Chevy Funny Cars
Po' Will Smallwood Pro Stock
Mrs. Fill Smith The first black lady pro racer. Drove her husband's jet dragster
Clarence Thomas Nevada-based Pro Stock owner
R.S. Thomas "Soul Shaker" Top Fuel
Eugene Wells New Jersey Pro Stock owner/promoter
Harold Whitmore Texas Pro Stock owner that Tony Christian won the Chief Nationals Pro Stock title for in 1990.
Tommy Whitmore Californian set Top Fuel license record in 1986 with a 5.59 first charge. Also part owner of 1987 Bakersfield runner-up Top Fueler.

A strong list of talent in a demented world. I’m not going to conduct a civics lesson, but compared to other auto racing disciplines, drag racing stands out better than the rest and that’s not to imply that the other organizations are run by Grand Wizards. Because of the economic nature of the world, it’s a helluva an accomplishment to break through as the above black drivers and owners have done. The roundy-round guys have produced Wendell Scotts and Willy T. Ribbs, but overall not as many genuinely entertaining black racers as the straightliners.

Not only have black racers made inroads in pro racing, but thanks to economics, they have made very large steps in the leveler playing field of Sportsman racing. Tabler’s Indy heroics have since been followed by wins like Melvin LeForbes’ 1986 Chief Nationals Super Gas win and Paul Pittman’s 1991 NHRA Champion Auto Stores Super Gas crown.

In a sport perceived by some as populated by beer-guzzling rednecks, drag racing currently plays the lead role in dispelling that ugly image.

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