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Leroy Goldstein in the Ramchargers Dodge Challenger, the first Funny Car in the sixes. Goldstein was the 1969 AHRA Top Fuel champ and 1972 Funny Car champ.

Photo by Tim Marshall.

Top Fuel Leroy Goldstein (Ramchargers)
Funny Car Dick Harrell (Fred Gibb Chevrolet)
Pro Stock Gary Kimball (Kimball Bros. & Hill/Bill Allen Chevrolet)

* AHRA did not officially begin its Grand American Series of Professional Drag Racing until 1970. However, they did have accumulative points chases in the Pro classes a year earlier.

Top Fuel John Wiebe
Funny Car Gene Snow
*Pro Stock Ronnie Sox

*In its first two years of existence, AHRA referred to its heads-up Super Stock cars as Super Stock and not Pro Stock. The changeover year was 1972.

Top Fuel Don Garlits
Funny Car Gene Snow
*Pro Stock Jim Hayter

AHRA 1971 Pro Stock champ Jim Hayter launching
in the Diamond Racing Engines Vega circa 1972.

Photo by Steve Reyes.

Top Fuel Don Garlits
Funny Car Leroy Goldstein (Candies & Hughes)
Pro Stock Don Nicholson
Top Fuel Don Garlits
Funny Car Don Schumacher
Pro Stock Dick Landy
Top Fuel Don Garlits
Funny Car Don Prudhomme
Pro Stock Larry Huff ("Soapy Sales")


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