Volume X, Issue 4, Page 114

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THE LOAD-ed Questioner

A quick one while he’s away …

#1 True or False. Doug Kalitta was NOT born in Michigan
A TRUE     
#2 In the NHRA Press Guide, Jim Bucher’s Chevy-powered Top Fuel dragster is listed as the e.t. holder at a 6.07. Who sponsored the car?
A Mattel
C Kenner SSP
B Tonti Metalcraft D Red Line Oil
#3 Jeg Coughlin Sr.’s Camaro Funny Car won the 1973 Winternationals title. Who was the driver.
A Dale Emery
C Clare Sanders
B Jim Paoli D Bob Gottschalk
#4 In 2005, Tony Schumacher’s Top Fueler set the NHRA record for most consecutive final rounds. How many?
A 5
C 7
B 6 D none of the above
#5 As of January 2008, who holds the NHRA Funny Car record for most consecutive round wins at 30?
A Don Prudhomme
C John Force
B Danny Ongais D Al Hofmann

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Congratulations to our March quiz winners, Dave Cox , was the first to answer 3/5 questions correctly! Below are the March answers.


#1     Who won Top Fuel at the 2002 March Meet?   C       JACK HARRIS

#2     Who won Nostalgia Funny Car at the 2007 March Meet?  D        STEVE ROMANAZZI

#3     At the 2004 March Meet, who had Top Speed in Top Fuel?  B        JIMMY MURPHY

#4     What year did Nitro Funny car make it's debut as an official eliminator at the March Meet?  B         1967

#5    What year was the first time the March Meet was conducted by the Goodguys organization?  D         1987


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