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When I look back on some of the crap I put in these quizzes, a fact now and then arises in my addled brain -- a lot of the material took place a long time ago, before some of you could even READ Drag Racing Online. Like you know, two, three years ago.  So in the interest of fair play, I’m giving the old farts the bum’s rush and opening the door to the rowdies. The quiz material will be lots more contemporary … like Winternationals Pro results since 2000.

“Hey Denahy, buck in ‘da box, play ‘Spank My Booty’ by the Lords of Acid, and make sure we have plenty of Red Bull and devil water. The new adult daycare center is now open for business.

#1 The 2006 Top Fuel winner was
A Doug Kalitta
C Melanie Troxel
B Scott Kalitta
D J.R. Todd
#2 TRUE or FALSE. Current TV color commentator Mike Dunn did not win a Pomona Top Fuel title in the new millennium.
A True
B False
#3 The 2001 Funny Car champ was
A Bruce Sarver
C Tony Pedregon
B John Force
D Frank Pedregon
#4 The 2005 Pro Stock champ
A Warren Johnson
C Greg Anderson
B Jason Line
D Dave Connolly
#5 The only back-to-back Pomona Top Fuel champ this millennium is
A Larry Dixon
C Tony Schumacher
B Doug Kalitta
D Brandon Bernstein

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Congratulations to our January quiz winners, Mark Heck, John Latchic, and Rick Denman , who were the first to answer 4/5 questions correctly! Below are the January answers.


1. Rickie Smith, father of Pro Stock Bike ace Matt, is one of the genuinely great mountain motor Pro Stock, and for that matter, Pro Mod racers. He should be; He and Jesus were born the same day (NOT the same year, although Rickie does have a little gray in his beard.) T

2. Pro Stock racer Robert Patrick has a famous uncle. He is ESPN’s Dan Patrick. F

3. Top Fuel power player Brandon Bernstein’s career was almost put seriously on hold in his rookie year when he survived a bad crash at Maple Grove Raceway Park. F

4. While we’re talking just three races, Top Fuel champ Tony Schumacher did drive a Funny Car. In the early 1990s, he parked his jet dragster and drove for Dale and Linda Creasy. F

5. Bob Glidden built his sizeable Pro Stock reputation on the strength of his many wins with Ford. He also did well with a Plymouth Arrow, but those were the only two brands he ever raced professionally. F

6. Former World Cruiserweight, Light-Heavyweight, Super Middleweight, Middleweight, Junior Middleweight, and Welterweight boxing champ Thomas Hearns raced Harold Martin’s Pro Stocker at the 1996 IHRA Milan, Mich. Race. F

7. Gary Scelzi’s first blown ride was in a scorching Alcohol Dragster, but before that he had a distinguished career as a fuel boat racer. F

… And now for a little nostalgia for the old folks …

8. According to a 1969 Super Stock article, Chris “the Golden Greek” Karamesines is only half Greek. His mother was born in Romania. F

9. The Babe Ruth of Funny Car mechanics Austin Coil has never driven a race car in his life. F

10. The late and truly great fuel driver Mike Snively was at the top of his game in the middle 1960s, driving primarily Roland Leong’s “Hawaiian” fuel dragsters. At that time NHRA only had four national events all of which Snively won at least once. F


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