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Angling for ADRL Answers

Now in its third full season, the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) is enjoying its biggest year ever, setting fan attendance records at nearly every track it visits. The on-track performances have been impressive, too, with the supercharged Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous classes leading the way for the new-this-year Extreme 10.5 and Pro Extreme Motorcycle divisions. To recognize these fastest doorslammers and two-wheeled terrors, we figure the least we can do here at DRO is offer up another quiz with some choice ADRL swag going to a randomly chosen winner from those entries with all the right answers. Let the brain storming begin!

    Which track hosted ADRL’s inaugural Dragstock?
A Rockingham Dragway
B Carolina Dragway
C Hub City Dragway
D South Georgia Motorsports Park
    Who was the Pro Extreme winner at the first ADRL regular-season event?
A Mike Ashley
B Mike Neal
C Michael Neal
D Mike Castellana
    Who is the only Pro Nitrous driver to reach at least one final round in all three ADRL seasons so far?
A Shannon Jenkins
  • B Johnny Pilcher
C Doug Riesterer
D Keith Baker

#4 Who made the first official ADRL Extreme 10.5 pass?
A Mary Baltzell and Marcus Birt
    B Chad Wilson and Michelle Wilson
C Mike Hill and Steve Kirk Jr.
D Rodney Rosenstiel and Todd Tutterow

    Who won the first ADRL Pro Extreme Motorcycle event?
A Coodee Thomas
  • B Billy Vose

C Steve Drake
D Jack Young

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Congratulations to our August quiz winners, Mark Proulx, Greg Boschert, and Jack Martin! And now, here are the August quiz answers.


#1 Who won Funny car Eliminator at the recently concluded NHRA Div. 3 race at Columbus, Ohio? D ANDY BOHL

#2 From time to time, NHRA will "fine-tune" a given class in sportsman eliminators. What is the new class designation for what used to be AA/SM? D CC/A

#3 Who was low qualifier in Top  Alcohol Dragster at the NHRA Div 3 July event at Indianapolis? A BILL REICHERT

#4 Who was low qualifier in Comp Elim at the Bandimere Div 5 race in June?   B LOU FICCO

#5 Who had Top Speed in Top Alcohol Dragster qualifying at the Div 6 race at Woodburn, Oregon?B SHAUN COWIE 

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