Volume X, Issue 5, Page 150

Drag Racing’s Exhibition Attractions

Drag Racing’s Exhibition Attractions
By Lou Hart and Cory Lee
Published by Iconografix

Among my favorite memories in drag racing are the weekends I’ve spent over the years at events like the Olympics of Drag Racing at Union Grove, Wisconsin, and the World Series of Drag Racing at Cordova, Illinois. Over the years both of these tracks and events have become famous for booking the best in exhibition acts, and they are responsible for my obsession with those acts. So it was with great anticipation that I sat down with an adult beverage to read this new picture book devoted to the genre. It is edited by Lou Hart and Nitro Funny Car pilot Cory Lee, who also drives an exhibition attraction act, the “Pandemonium” ‘Cuda.

This book is just chock full or great photography with accompanying lengthy paragraphs describing the cars, drivers, tracks and events.

I have to say that the many obscure photos or even more obscure and scary “exhibition attractions” themselves are worth the purchase price of the book, especially for the candid shots of early jet-powered vehicles and their drivers.

If you are a jet-car, rocket-car, or wheelstander geek like myself, this is a must have book -- and no, mine’s not for sale.  

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